List Of Tenders
Sl No Uploading Date Tender Title Closing Date Department Download
231 9-Feb-2019 Tender for Maintenance of different Govt. residential PWD quarter under PWD (R&B) Dharmanagar Sub-Division, Dharmanagar, during the year 2018-19 / SH: Plastering, wood work, steel work, brick work, finishing work, water supply and sanitary etc. 5-Mar-2019 Dharmanagar Division, PWD(R&B), Dharmanagar, North Tripura
232 9-Feb-2019 Tender for Restoration of the road from Jackson Gate to Bhuturia via Women’s college during this year 2018-19 / (Digging portion of DWS dewatering pipeline)/ SH: Soling, Metalling, Carpeting and seal coat etc. 26-Feb-2019 Agartala Division No-I, PWD (R&B), Agartala
233 8-Feb-2019 Tender for Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Bridge over Pilak Cherra on the road from Jolaibari-Kowaifung to NH-44 via Banik Para at ch.0.030 Km sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), 6-Mar-2019 Santirbazar Division, PWD(R&B), Santirbazar, South Tripura
234 8-Feb-2019 Tender for Strengthening of road starting from Kanchanpur-Jalabassa road to Ahalyapur via Kanchanpur Sub-Jail under Laljuri RD Block during the year 2018-19/SH:-Patch soling, patch metalling, bituminous grouting, carpeting/ re- carpeting of whole surface 21-Feb-2019 Kanchanpur Division, PWD(R&B) Kanchanpur, North Tripura
235 8-Feb-2019 Tender for Imp.of Beliangchip Rurban Cluster during the year 2017-18 under Jampuihill R.D. Block under North Tripura District/ Village road connectivity/ SH:- Const. of rigid pavement, C.C steps, Protection wall, M/S Railing, Box Cell Culvert, Soling. 13-Feb-2019 Kanchanpur Division, PWD(R&B) Kanchanpur, North Tripura
236 7-Feb-2019 Tender for Proposed construction of 12(twelve) Nos. Staff Quarters building at Kakraban Community Health Centre (CHC) under Udaipur Sub-division, Gomati District, Tripura under NHM scheme 28-Feb-2019 Udaipur Division, PWD (R&B), Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura
237 6-Feb-2019 Tender for PR of VIP road from Lichubagan to MBB Airport during the year 2018-19 (L=6.50km)/SH: BM & carpeting in/c road marking, placing traffic cone etc. complete (2nd call) 2-Mar-2019 Mohanpur Division, PWD(R&B) Mohanpur, West Tripura
238 6-Feb-2019 Tender for Imp. Of road from Internal roads of Ekalabya model residential School complex, Bhuratali, Sabroom South Tripura (L= 0.610 Km)/ SH: formation widening, GSB, Metalling, carpeting, CD tow wall etc. 22-Feb-2019 Sabroom Division PWD (R&B) Sabroom, South Tripura
239 6-Feb-2019 Tender for Construction of RCC box culvert (3x8.00m) over local cherra on the road from Karbook-Silaichari road (Nabojoy Para) to Chellagang at ch. 10.80km during the year 2018-19 under NABARD (RIDF-XXIV) 5-Mar-2019 Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B), Amarpur , Gomati, Tripura
240 6-Feb-2019 Tender for Providing, Installation and Commissioning of 01(One) No. traction type Geared lift of 10(ten) passenger capacity (680 kg) elevator up to G+3 level at Haz Bhavan, Melarmath, Agartala (2nd Call) 2-Mar-2019 Mechanical Division, PWD (R&B), Agartala, West Tripura.