List Of Tenders
Sl No Uploading Date Tender Title Closing Date Department Download
471 8-May-2018 CORRIGENDUM : Please read the estimated cost of Rs. 61,25,738.00 instead of Rs. 61,25,783.00 appeared for the name of work of Sl. No. 01 of PNIT No.01/EE/NHD(PWD)BKR/2018-19, dated 20.04.2018 18-May-2018 NH Division, PWD, Baikhora, Shantirbazar, South Tripura
472 7-May-2018 Tender for Construction of Barkathal High School, Mohanpur, West Tripura / SH: Building portion including water supply and sanitary installation.(GROUND FLOOR ONLY) (2nd call). 24-May-2018 Tripura Housing & Construction Board. Agartala, Tripura
473 6-May-2018 Tenders for Maintenance of different roads of Agartala town & A/R & M/o Govt. non – residential Govt. buildings / SH: Special repair of existing sanitary & water supply system of the PWD office buildings at Netaji Chowmuhani PWD complex. 30-May-2018 Agartala Division No-I, PWD (R&B), Agartala
474 6-May-2018 Various Tenders Forms (DNIT's) of Mtc. of different roads, construction of community center near Ramthakur Ashram at 79 tilla Agartala, Maintenance of Govt. non-residential building etc. 1-Jun-2018 Agartala Division No-III, PWD (R&B), Agartala
475 6-May-2018 Various Tenders Forms (DNIT's) of Mtc. of different roads and Special repairs of court building of judge, family court, Udaipur Gomati Judicial District under Udaipur Division, (R&B), Udaipur, Gomati Tripura. 22-May-2018 Udaipur Division, PWD (R&B), Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura
476 6-May-2018 Tenders for A/R & M/o non – residential Govt. buildings, Govt. residential (VIP) buildings / SH: Protection work on security point of view, Mtc of existing water supply, sanitary arrangement of different buildings etc. 25-May-2018 Agartala Division No-I, PWD (R&B), Agartala
477 6-May-2018 CORRIGENDUM : Please read DNIT No: 01/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/KGT/2018-19, 02/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/KGT/2018-19, 03/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/KGT/2018-19, 04/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/KGT/2018-19 and 05/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/ KGT/2018-19 instead of DNIT No: 01/EE/PWD(NH)/NH-DIV/KGT/ 16-May-2018 NH Division, PWD(NH), Kumarghat, Unakoti Tripura
478 4-May-2018 Tender for Special repairs to Santirbazar District Hospital at Santirbazar, South Tripura during the year 2016-17 / Replacement of existing grading outside & inside painting etc. 19-May-2018 Santirbazar Division, PWD(R&B), Santirbazar, South Tripura
479 4-May-2018 Tenders for F.D.R. of Damcherra to Balluckcherra road / Mtc. Of PWD Division complex / Mtc. of road inside 13th BN. T.S.R. HQ / Imp. Of Beliangchip RURBAN Cluster 18-May-2018 Kanchanpur Division, PWD(R&B) Kanchanpur, North Tripura
480 3-May-2018 Tenders for Ordinary Repair (OR) of NH-208, NH 208-A, NH44-A, NH-8(Old NH-44), NH-08, /SH: Landslide, Drain clearance, Construction of Road side pucca drain, toe wall, Soling, Landslides, drain clearance, gunny bag filling etc. 16-May-2018 NH Division, PWD(NH), Kumarghat, Unakoti Tripura