List Of Tenders
Sl No Uploading Date Tender Title Closing Date Department Download
71 20-Aug-2019 Tender for Mtc. of road from K.K. road (NH 208) to Gournagar RD block and from Gournagar – Kaulikura road to Police Reserve during the year 2019-20 / SH: Re-carpeting, patch matelling, seal coat etc. 6-Sep-2019 Kailashahar Division, PWD (R&B), Unakoti, Tripura
72 14-Aug-2019 Tender for Upgradation of road from 1. AA road (near Baramura Gas Thermal) to Taidu (T21) / Length - 10.00 km / (Package No- TR-01-08 P2) under Belbari block. 6-Sep-2019 Tripura Rural Road Development Agency, PWD (PMGSY), Agartala, Tripura
73 8-Aug-2019 Tender for Strengthening of road from Gandacherra to Amarpur Ch. 0.00 to ch. Km 17.50 km / re-carpeting, metalling and seal coating etc under RIDF – XXIV of NABARD (Job No: TP/COM/46/2018-19). 3-Sep-2019 Ambassa Division, PWD(R&B) Ambassa, Dhalai, Tripura
74 8-Aug-2019 Tender for Improvement of Tourist spot connectivity from Amarpur (Fatiksagar) leading to Chabimura and having access to eco-Tourism centre in Tripura under NESIDS. 3-Sep-2019 Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B), Amarpur , Gomati, Tripura
75 2-Aug-2019 Tender for Mtc. of Agartala town road during the year 2019-20 / Patch repairing of road portion. i) Near Maharajganj Fish Market. ii) Different places from Ramthakur Sangha to Grandious Chowmuhani near Bekery etc. area. 16-Aug-2019 Agartala Division No-I, PWD (R&B), Agartala
76 30-Jul-2019 Tender for Urgent FDR road from JB para Bhagirath para-II PMGSY Road to Bhagirath Para (L=5.50km) under Gandacherra Sub-Division. 29-Aug-2019 Ambassa Division, PWD(R&B) Ambassa, Dhalai, Tripura
77 30-Jul-2019 Tender for Providing, Installation and Commissioning of 02 (Two) Nos. lift of 08 (Eight) passengers (544 KG) capacity passenger elevator up to G+6 level at Khadya O Bhokta Bhavan at Gurkhabasti, Agartala West Tripura. 16-Aug-2019 Mechanical Division, PWD (R&B), Agartala, West Tripura.
78 13-Jul-2019 Tender for Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC bridge (Length=48.00 mtr.) over Sarma river at 30 (thirty) card on Gandacherra-Amarpur road at ch. 1.50 Km, sanctioned for implementation of under NABARD (RIDF-XX), Job No.: TP/COM/35/2014-15 (2nd call). 27-Jul-2019 Ambassa Division, PWD(R&B) Ambassa, Dhalai, Tripura
79 12-Jul-2019 Tender for Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC bridge over Gangacherra at Ch. 3.110 Km. of Dataram to Maidabari Road sanctioned for implementation under NABARD(RIDF-XX), Job No.: TP/COM/32/2014-15(3rd call). 26-Jul-2019 Udaipur Division, PWD (R&B), Udaipur, Gomati, Tripura
80 5-Jul-2019 Tender for Flood damaged Repair (FDR) of NH 08(44) in between the Ch. 450.00 Km to Ch. 456.00 Km during the year 2018-19. SH: Grouting, PMC, Protection work, Improvement of road side berm, removal of land slips, earth cutting etc. (2nd Call) 15-Jul-2019 NH Division, PWD (NH), Agartala, West Tripura