List Of Tenders
Sl No Uploading Date Tender Title Closing Date Department Download
461 17-Nov-2018 Tender for Proposed construction of Nidaya English Medium School at Nidaya, Sepahijala Tripura during the year 2018-19 /SH: Building portion including internal water supply, Sanitary installation etc. 6-Dec-2018 Sonamura Division, PWD(R&B) Sonamura, Sepahijala, Tripura
462 16-Nov-2018 Tender for Mtc. of different MI scheme under Belbari Block under W.R.Sub-Division,Jirania during the year 2018-19/SH:-Mtc. of pump motor,Suction delivery and electrical accessories etc. 28-Nov-2018 Water Resource Division No.1, Kunjaban, Agartala
463 16-Nov-2018 Tender for Providing conservancy services for sweeping and cleaning of all offices including lavatory Blocks under PWD Block No-7 at New secretariat building complex for 12 (Twelve) months. 28-Nov-2018 Capital Complex Division, PWD(R&B), Agartala, West Tripura.
464 15-Nov-2018 Tender for Repair & maintenance to the electrical installation of Panchayet Samiti Building, CIC & Data center at Matabari Block, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura. 28-Nov-2018 Internal Electrification Division, PWD, Udaipur, Gomati Tripura.
465 6-Nov-2018 Tenders for NIT No.F. 21(3)- FISH (STORE)/e-PT/2018-19/FP/28414 & NIT No.F. 21(3)- FISH (STORE)/e-PT/2018-19/FP/28413 20-Nov-2018 Department of Fisheries, P.N. Complex, Agartala
466 3-Nov-2018 Tender for Maintenance of different PWD roads under PWD(R&B) Sub-Div-I, Kailashahar during the year 2018-19/SH: Providing traffic sign, information board, road marking, painting of steel truss bridge etc. 17-Nov-2018 Kailashahar Division, PWD (R&B), Unakoti, Tripura
467 3-Nov-2018 Tender for Mtc.of different L.I & D.T.W Schemes under W.R.Sub Division -I, Kailashahar of Chandipur Block / SH : Mtc & Extention of UPVC distribution system during the year 2018-19.(G-I/II) 23-Nov-2018 Water Resource Division No.VI, Kailashahar, Unakoti, Tripura
468 23-Oct-2018 Tender for Upgradation of road from Kadamtala to Rani Bari (TR-03-03) (Ug) (Length-12.60 km) under Kadamtala block (Through route no. T04) (Balance work) 5-Nov-2018 Tripura Rural Road Development Agency, PWD (PMGSY), Agartala, Tripura
469 23-Oct-2018 Tender for Replacement of Bailey Bridge by RCC bridge(L=20.00m) over local cherra on Jatanbari to Lambacherra road at ch. 14.80 Km, sanction for implementation under NABARD 13-Nov-2018 Amarpur Division, PWD(R&B), Amarpur , Gomati, Tripura
470 23-Oct-2018 Tender for Mtc. Of PWD road within Kanchanpur PWD(R&B) Division during the year 2018-19/SH;-Providing & placing road safety items in/c road furniture Gr.No I (One). 8-Nov-2018 Kanchanpur Division, PWD(R&B) Kanchanpur, North Tripura